Skip Ad Project

A creative group have started the “Skip Ad project” which believes advertising should be relevant and bring ideas that can change our lives for better. If not, they’ll keep skip them.

So far, they have taken this project to the streets of New York, São Paulo and Stockholm. We can even download some buttons and do the same if we see an ad that we do not like. 

South African directs viral Skrillex music video set in apocalyptic Johannesburg.

LA-born electronic music DJ Skrillex’ latest music video for his single ‘Ragga Bomb’, a collaboration with the Ragga Twins, is close to hitting 3 million views on YouTube just days after being released.

Shot in December in Johannesburg’s densely-populated Hillbrow neighborhood notoriously known for its high crime rates, the video was directed by South African directer Terence Neale of Egg Films - the Cannes Award-winning number one production house in South Africa. Amidst wreckage and ruin, set in a dystopian futuristic setting that includes dancers of all kinds, the video builds up to a lightsaber battle between two different groups in this all-black cast clad in tattered oversized clothing.

According to producer Rozanne Rocha-Gray, the original brief for te video was rather vague containing only the words ‘dark and dancey’. “Everything you see is Terence’s imagination”, she says.

Neale has previously directed music videos for Die Antwoord (Fatty Boom Boom, Baby’s On Fire) as well as commercials for some of the country’s top local brands (Nedbank, Chicken Licken, Nandos, Engen).

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